If you spend any amount of time near the beach in White Rock, British Columbia, there is a very good chance you will happen upon a very affable fellow performing for passersby on a very unusual musical instrument, that seems to bear a very close resemblance to a flying saucer from a mid 50's sci fi movie.  The gentleman is John Watkins, and the instrument is a hand pan, or hang drum, a very esoteric device hand crafted in Switzerland.  The sound of the instrument is sonorous and otherworldly, and in John's hands, hypnotic and compelling.  John has taken his new found passion for this instrument, along with his compositions and improvisations to a broader audience, with performances in a variety of venues.  A collaborative recording is planned with sterling west coast musicians, including pianist Bob Murphy, guitarist Doug Stephenson, and saxophonist Jack Stafford.

John can perform at your special function.... Simply email: info@musicaloccasions.ca


Musical Occasions
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